Canklow Woods Primary School

Canklow Woods Primary School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Wood Lane, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 2XJ

01709 828405

Behaviour at Canklow Woods Primary School

"This is a caring school. Pupils trust and respect their teachers and other adults. They behave well in lessons. They enjoy the many activities on offer at social times"  Ofsted 2020

"Pupils behave well. Caring adults cultivate strong relationships with pupils. This, along with interesting lessons, encourages pupils to work hard. At social times, adults plan activities to keep pupils occupied and active. Pupils who find it harder to behave well are
supported effectively"  Ofsted 2020


At Canklow Woods, we are really proud of our behaviour, children are well mannered and respectful of each other and staff too.  They all have a fantastic attitude to learning and thrive in our classes.  Of course there are times when children make mistakes with their behaviour, however we have a very strong culture of listening, understanding and learning from our mistakes.  As a staff it is incredibly important to us that we build strong relationships with our children here and will always listen and encourage them to talk through any issues or incidents and strive to find solutions together.

We encourage positivity at all times, and you will always find children smiling and speaking to staff around school.   Children have a fantastic attitude to learning and this is abundantly clear all around school.

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