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Children's Mental Health

Mental Health and Well Being

We take a holistic approach to our children's mental health and wellbeing. Our school ethos is that we have a high expectation of all and for all - and in relation to mental wellbeing this means that we expect that every member of our school community should feel that they belong, are listened to and are valued.  We talk and we listen.  We encourage and enable our pupils to be able to discuss their emotions without feeling stigmatised or embarrassed.     We know that if a child does not have positive mental wellbeing then this will be a barrier for all of their other learning and their sense of worth.

In addition, we teach about looking after metal heath explicitly in our PSHE lessons.   This includes topics such as positive body image, the effects of social media, building resilience and assertiveness.  We teach children that emotions whether negative or positive are normal and help them to be able to manage their feelings



We are lucky enough to work in partnership with 'With Me in Mind'.  This service has an app that you can download and request some 1:1 e-clinic support for you and your child. Scan the QR code below to take you to the app.



Helpful Websites

Talking about mental health

Separation Anxiety

Due to the most recent lockdown, some children have now been away from school for many months and we understand that returning to school may cause some anxiety for some children.   This document below from the Anna Freud website gives some useful strategies to help your child get ready to return to school.


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Returning to School After Lockdown

Tips for parents on returning to school.

Beautiful Oops


No one is perfect and being imperfect means that we are all unique and special in our own way.   Often we learn and create from making mistakes and so it is important that the children at Canklow know that mistakes are useful in helping us to learn and grow.  Sometimes mistakes can make something beautiful!  Watch this film of the book Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg and you will see...

Beautiful Oops

ELSA 14-Day isolation challenge.

Click on this link to see the interactive version of this challenge here:  Elsa Challenge