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 "The more you read the more things that you'll know. The more that you know the more places you'll go."

Dr Suess


For pupils to be able to read at age appropriate levels and follow age-related expectations. Through explosure to a variety of literature, genres and authors, children will become confident, positive readers who enjoy learning to read and reading to learn. 

Across school, a positive reading culture is evident, where books are enjoyed on a daily basis, individually, in groups and on a whole class basis. Books are taken home by all prupils and reading is valued at home as well as in school.

Teachers create a positive ethos or reading in school, ensuring children know the value of this lifelong skill and the impact being a successful reader can have on their life.

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FS2 and key Stage 1 have daily RWI phonics lessons. In Key stage 2, children will take part in daily reciprocal reading lessons, where books and texts are carefully chosen by teachers.

Children in the lowest 20% receive regular 1-1 sessions to consolidate and boost learning.

Reading is assessed frequently and at least every term through phonics or STAR reading assessments assessments. More frequent assessment may take place where a teacher feels necessary. These assessment ensure that all children are reading at the appropriate level for them.

Explicit in classrooms where the environment displays a wide range of non fiction and fiction books related to topics, vocabulary and questions on displays for children to interact with.

All pupils to take reading books home frequently and to read regularly at home.

Reading for pleasure is encourage and celebrated throughout school in different displayed, events and activities. 

Reciprocal Reading

Reading skills are modelled in daily reading sessions.

In key stage 2,  children take part in Reciprocal reading.  Children work in groups with a teacher and read a short text and improve their comprehension skills.  It allows children to become teacher for the session and after modelling by the teacher, the children will guide the rest of the session and discussions with  questioning, summarising, clarifying and predicting.  

Follow the link below for more information on this. 

Reciprocal Reading

Reading in action

Accelerated Reading


Accelerated Reader is an online reading tool that allows us to track your child's progress in reading, celebrated the books the have read and gives children a chance to demonstrate their understanding of these books. This tool also gives us a better understanding of your child's reading interested and using real-time feedback gives us the opportunity intervene to help them make the best progress.

STAR reading assessments are taken online. These give an accurate picture of not just what children can read but also their understanding of texts. Based on this, they will be set a reading range aimed at best supporting their growth and development. 

There are 2 ways for children to read and quiz. They can read physical copies ('real') books and then quiz on them using our home site at renlearn or the can read online at MyON and when they finish a book click take a quiz.

For parents, there is a dedicated site that allows you to keep track of how well you child is doing in reading as well as what books they are choose to read through the home connect site. Just Log in with your child's login to see the dashboard. You can also register to receive email updates whenever your child take a quiz!