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Welcome to our class 2 page. Miss Beecher is the teacher in class two and working alongside her and the children is Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Saxton  Our class has 33 amazing pupils, a class full of a wide variety of fantastic personalities, senses of humour but most of all positive attitudes and eagerness to learn.  We always have very busy days enjoying our learning and working hard to achieve so much success.


Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday each week. 




Autumn Term  2022

This half term there is so much to look forward to.   In Science we will be learning about materials and their uses, this will enable us to explore different materials that we use in our environment and how we use them in our lives.  Finding out about their properties, understanding how and why they are good for a certain purpose or not, and investigation a range of different materials for a specific purpose too.


In Pe will will work on our gymnastic skills, thinking about making different shapes with out bodies, and how we can travel on or off apparatus using these shapes, perfecting a sequence too.

In music, we will begin our journey of learning to play a musical instrument, a recorder.  Children will learn to play notes and follow certain music to play particular tunes and notes.

In RE our learning will be centered around Sacred books, and how different religions worship and follow and read stories from these books.

In art, we will be building skills using pastels, watercolours and paint.  We will study portraiture and hopefully paint a wonderful portrait of our Queen using our skills and talents.

We will spend a lot of time using ipads and chrome books also, learning how best to use them to support our learning and also present it too.  I am learning myself how I can be use it in class, so we will be spending lots of time learning together.


In our history lessons we are learning about 3 of our Queens, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, we will research their legacies as monarchs of the united kingdom and thing about how that may have affect our lives today, we will plot their reigns on a timeline.  This will be especially poignant will due to the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.

We have read.



We are developing a real love for reading in class 2 this half term.  children are improving their reading skills all of the time and are loving reading a wider variety of books.   we have finished reading Georges Marvellous Medicine and are reading The Enchanted Wood at the moment.  

Learning at home

Reading at home is always a very positive thing to do for the children in year 2.  We read a lot in class and children can read the books sent home or anything they wish.  This will always improve their skills and fluency too.

Children can also access websites and games we use in class such as...  Password will be sent home for children to use.

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What a start!

WoW! We have had a great start to year 2 this year.  Children have settled in to life in class 2 really well.    We have really started to establish our reading, writing and math sessions and have begun our learning in history too.  Learning about the Queens has given us so much opportunity to talk about what has happened most recently with our very own Queen Elizabeth I.  Children have been very saddenend but the news but so interested in her life and that of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I before her.

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What do you want to be?

We talked about what out aims are in life.  What a very ambitious bunch in year 2!  You can be anything you want to be!