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'It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it' - Nelson Mandela



The National Curriculum states:

to equip children with a diverse knowledge of people, places, resources and natural and human environments together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes’

Our Statement of Intent:

At CWP we believe that a Geographical education can show children how they can contribute to building a better world by understanding the environments that sustain us. It enables children to establish shared human values as an essential base on which to support , build and sustain a preferred future that will enable us to live within planetary limits.

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Our Geography is taught in blocks in each year group although lesson length may vary. We aim to use longer lessons alongside shorter recap lessons to work on retrieving prior knowledge and ensuring learning is embedded. 

Where ever possible we try to keep Geography lessons practical and active. This may be by visiting our local area, inviting in visitors or going on engaging visits. 

We also aim to ensure that our Geography is taught in a cross-curricular way. This allows children to apply their geographical knowledge in other areas in order to demonstrate their learning. 

Initiative such as Walk on Wednesdays, Beat the Street and Modeshift stars, as well as our newly installed bike shelter also encourage the children to travel around their local area safely whilst also improving their knowledge of it. 

Throughout school we strive to develop the pupil’s skill set as well as their knowledge base.

Whenever possible we use the facilities available to us in school. We have access to our own woodland area in which we can study the local environment and habitats.

We also have a gardening club which encourages our pupils to care for their environment. Jim from Greener Spaces also works closely with our school in order to enable us to maximise the learning potential of our school premises.

Children are encouraged to ask questions and conduct research and studies in order to find their own answers whilst developing their geographical skills.