Canklow Woods Primary School

Canklow Woods Primary School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Wood Lane, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 2XJ

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Class 1

Mr Brookfield is the teacher in class 1. Working alongside him and the children are Miss Gilbert and Mrs Crane. This year we also have our student teacher Mr Mckenzie. Leading the learning are 30 ambitious children ready to take Mr Brookfield's spot. We have a lot to learn this year and we are looking forward to what suprises and challenges year 1 brings.

We have PE on Tuesday and Thursdays. Please bring a PE kit of shorts, t shirt and trainers.

Music is on a Monday afternoon.

On Thursday and Friday, Mrs Hulme will cover Mr Brookfield's planning time.


Welcome to Year 1! Returning to school can be a daunting experience so our first topic in Autumn term is ‘Marvellous me’. Children will learn to discuss and share their feelings as well as interests and hobbies. We learn about likes, dislikes, strengths and challenges in a safe and encouraging space. In geography children will be learning about their school environment and how we get to school. Our artists will consider portraiture and realism when drawing from observation, learning to control lines and create texture. This terms PE will focus on skills needed for ball games such as passing and travelling. 


Key dates

Monday 28th November 2022 - Trip to White Post Farm

World Mental health day - 10th October

Autumn term disco - 20th October

Children in need - 18th November

12th - 16th June 2023 - Phonics Screening




At this time of year, children are still at the beginning of their learning journey. Children start to become familiar with texts used in writing lessons and are encouraged to read and edit sentences already written for good practice. At the end of each day we read a short story together, building up to a longer story that may last a week or more. 

Learning at home

Year 1 is a time to develop reading as much as possible in readiness for the phonics screening in May. The links below can help with home learning. Books are given out once a week for readers to practice their fluency.

Phonics Resources | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Warndon

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