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How do we know if children have Special Educational Needs?

It is important to recognise that children start school with varied experiences and usually need a little time to settle in and engage with new learning opportunities.

Many children with complex needs have these identified very early.  Parents and carers may have already noticed that their child struggles in certain areas.  For other children difficulties may only become evident as they grow and develop, and as they learn and interact in new and different environments.

The school regularly assesses all children and this will identify children that are making less than expected progress.

Children will be identified as needing extra support if, despite high quality teaching, their progress is;

  • Significantly slower than that of other children of a similar age
  • Failing to match or better the child’s rate of progress
  • Failing to close the attainment gap between the child and their peers
  • Widening the attainment gap

The Class Teacher and SENCo will monitor the pupil closely and make observations which will also include discussions with parents, with clear review points. This is referred to in the CoP as the Assess, Plan, Do, Review model.