What skills, training and qualifications does our staff have to meet the needs of children with SEND?

The SENCO’s job is to support the class teacher in planning for children with SEN.  The school provides training and support to enable all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children, including those with SEND.  This includes whole school training on relevant SEND issues.  All Teachers and Support staff are committed to their own professional development and identifying their own training needs via annual staff appraisals.

The Oakwood Learning Community is committed to working together to improve learning for all, and we are able to share resources, training and expertise to meet the needs of learners with SEN.

Some pupils need specific interventions in order to boost their learning on a 1:1 or small group basis.  At Canklow Woods we have staff who have been trained on the following intervention programmes:

  • Learning Support Programme (Intensive 1-1 maths and literacy)
  • Talk Boost (Early language development programme)
  • Better Reading (intensive 1-1- reading support programme)
  • Numbers Count (numeracy intervention)

In addition, through our close collaboration with the Rotherham Learning Support Service, our staff have received advice on working with children who have dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech and language delay and autism.