How do we know if the support is working for your child?

We follow the model Assess-Plan-Do-Review

The class teacher will continually check and assess your child’s progress in lots of ways including:

Regular marking

  • Verbal Feedback Conferences
  • Questioning
  • Maths/Writing workshops
  • Written and Verbal tests or ‘quizzes’

Various assessment tools are then used used to track if pupils are meeting their targets, including Pivats, benchmarking, national assessments and phonics screening.  These are used to measure both the progress in class and of interventions.

Once we have a clear understanding of the needs of your child we shall plan the most effective provision for them and deliver (do) that provision over the school term.

The Class Teacher and SENCO will then review the effectiveness of the support during the termly review meetings with you to work out the next steps in their learning.