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About Our School

Welcome to Canklow Woods Primary School.  We are a small school able to offer a highly personal and individual level of care, security and personalised learning.  Fortunately, we are also part of a larger Multi Academy Trust able to access the range of resources often associated with a much larger establishment.  It would be true to say that at Canklow Woods Primary School we offer ‘the best of all worlds.’  

We are extremely proud of our environmentally friendly, beautiful and spacious school which is now almost 6 years old.  Each workspace has been designed to give comfort and promote high quality learning.  Including such features as heat-recovery systems, thermostatically controlled under-floor heating and soft lighting.  Our school consists of 6 classrooms, open workspaces (hubs), a Foundation Unit and a 2 Year Old Provision (First Steps).  All this creates a welcoming atmosphere ideal for high achievement and raised aspiration.