Home Learning

Welcome to our home learning page  Since we are no longer allowed to be in school and we know just how tricky it can be to ask children to sit down and learn, here are some helpful websites and apps for the children to use as well as the work packs on online lessons that are being provided.

Various different activities


Dorling Kindersley have a stay at home learning page, this includes many different activities and ideas of things to do that they children can either print off or just follow on their computer, tablet or phone.

Dorling Kindersley



White Rose maths hub are offerering free resources and activities for children to use at home too.  This will link to the work that we do at school, as this is the scheme of work that we follow when we teach numeracy.  It has short questions that the children can access.

White Rose Maths




There are dailt phonics lessons by the teachers from Read Write Inc.  These are on you tube and can be watched live at certain times each day but can also be accessed at any time too.  Children can join in with lessons from set 1, 2, or 3 sounds as we do in class.  These will be great for parents to watch to so you can see how we teach the children.

RWI phonics lessons.



Teach your monster to read, is a free app to download which supports children's reading and phonics.  This is a game style format which the children will love.


Book Trust have a lot of different free books for the children to read along with, classics like Hairy Maclairy and Oh NO George!  May of them are read by the author's themselves.  This is also a great website as it gives other activities around books that the children can do.



Pete Mckee, the talented Sheffield born artist has left his tutorials on his you tube channel for beginners from our first lockdown.  These are all approximately 5 minutes long and very easy to follow, and no specialist equipment is needed, as he says himself, the back of an envelope will do.    So if you haven't already had a go at these then make sure you do they are great.



Joe Wicks is still keeping up his daily exercise classes for children to join in with ( and adults) on his youtube channel, if you've missed any then they are all still on there to catch up on.  

Go noodle  This can be done online or via an app too.  This is a fun way for children to get moving.  Its a little bit like Just Dance.

Super movers is great for maths and literacy.   There are games and songs, including actions for hte children to get moving to. 


Comic Kids is  another great way of getting younger children moving.  This is active screen time where the children can move using stories they know and be involved in mindfulness activities too which may help to reduce any anxiety they may have, or just to get children to be calmer.

Jump start Jonny is another free, fun and exciting way of getting children moving at the moment.  This man is very energetic.





Other Websites for home learning.

Here is another long list of websites that can offer you and your children help and support during this time.  Have a try some of them are great!

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