School Council

School Council

Our school councillors were elected by the pupils in their class. All children had to decide if they would like to represent their class at the meetings and then put forward their views and thoughts to the rest of the class.  Children then voted for the pupils who they felt would represent them the best. Councillors have made and signed their pledge and know what is expected of them in meetings and around school. 

Outside each classroom there is a photograph of the representatives from that class and each child has their own badge to wear.

We look forward to what developments the school council will make this year. The children having more of a voice in school is already having a huge positive impact.


School Council Meetings

Councillors attend meetings every Wednesday at 1pm with Miss Halder. Children bring along their own folders and notebooks with their notes from meetings and classes thoughts and ideas in.

This term, the children are working on redesigning playtimes to ensure there are lots of activities available that the children can happily take part in together.  We have already looked at traditional playtime games and intend to teach other children how to play them in the coming weeks. We now regularly have music on the yard and the children are loving singing along and showing off their moves. Using the money raised from our summer fair, councillors will now be deciding on any other equipment or playground areas which they would like.

One thing that children suggested they would like in school has now been actioned as to the children’s delight, there will be 3 school discos throughout the year.

After each meeting, councillors explain to the rest of the class what has been discussed and ask them for any further ideas or suggestions. If any other child feels that something should be discussed by the council, this is when they make their suggestions for the councillors to write in their notebook to then take to the next meeting.