School Council Meetings

The school council have already had 4 meetings since they started.  They have made their pledge and know what is expected of them.  They have made suggestion boxes ready to go into classrooms and they are currently working on redesigning playtimes, looking at tradition playtime games to get peers involved in and equuipment that we may need.  They have been very busy children.  Look out for them, they all wear a wonderful shiny badge.

Succesful Relaunch

Our school council has been successfully relaunched this week. Children from classes 1 to 6 either gave a speech or presentation to their class or filled in an application form which was then read to the class. Every member of each class then voted for the most suitable candidates until two were chosen. They had their first meeting with Miss Halder where they got to know each other, discussed what they thought the purpose of a school council was and what they hoped we could achieve. The children are aware they will be feeding back to their classes after each meeting. The children wrote a pledge for how each member will conduct themselves within school and within each meeting also they decided what must happen in each meeting as well as how they will feedback to their class and teachers. All council members will be signing this pledge at the next meeting. The children were also very excited to receive their badges and told to wear them with pride.

School Council

Our school councillors have now been elected by the pupils in their class.  Children had to decide if they would like to represent their class at the meetings and then put forward their views and thoughts to the rest of the class.  Children then voted for the ones they felt would best put their voice forward. 

School councillors will be wearing a badge so look out for them.  They will be attending regular meetings with Miss Halder.  We look forward to what they are going hearing more of the children's views.