As a school we have an open door policy so that as a parent or carer there will always be someone that you can talk too.  If this impossibe at that time, then we will make appointments for you to come another time, or see someone else in school.  

Our wonderful,  friendly and helpful administration team are at reception from 8.30am to take your calls or see you personally regarding anything you need to.

We have weekly newsletters, which are full of information and events from the week.  These are very informative.  They are sent out via email, or parents can request a hard copy if they prefer.  They are also published on the webiste each week too.

We also have an app called Schoolgateway that parents can download to both Android and Apple phones and receive regular text messages and emails too.    Schoolgateway

Any correspndance with parents can be found below, however if it is specific to your child's class then you will be able to find it on their page also.