Welcome to Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Mrs Cameron teaches in class 6. We are extremely lucky to have support from Mrs Stevenson and Mr Bowler. Mrs Birch is often in teaching or working with groups too!

Our current topic is WW2. We have been extremely fascinated by many aspects of this period of history. As a result, we are considering many ‘big’ questions:

Did World War Two really involve the whole world?

 How did people stay safe during WW2?

 Was it right to evacuate children from their homes?

Can one person really help win the war?

What was life on the home front really like?

What was life like under Nazi reign?

What happened to Jews during the war?


We have PE on a Tuesday afternoon, which is taken by Mr Richardson. Currently, we are working on being a good leader, completing both practical and theory PE. 

On a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Taylor is working with us on our art skills. We are studying Green men, looking at how we can create depth in pencil, ink and sculpting.