Class 5 Blog  4.2.19

This week in year 5 we have continued our maths work on fractions and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.  In writing we have been planning a newspaper report around one of the characters in our class book 'Cogheart'.  Some of the ideas the children have come up with some fantastic ideas for headlines and how to capture the readers attention.  In PE we continued to add movements to our dance on Monday and on Wednesday we played some short sided games in Basketball, focusing particularly on our movement and finding space.   In science we continued our work on mechanisms, making our own 'waving hands' out of card using levers.  

Class 5 Blog  11.2.19

 Year 5 are showing huge improvements in their basketball skills. Over the last few weeks we have been focusing upon passing, dribbling and using these skills in short games. Good sportsmanship has been a key focus. Many students have shown that they are exceptional team players who can reflect upon the performance of other class members by giving feedback and advice. Over the next few weeks we will be improving our dribbling skills. 

Following our division work, this term year 5 are focusing upon fractions. As a class we have reflected upon where we might see fractions in everyday life. Students gave some fantastic examples such as: when a phone battery is half charged, when a bottle is 3/4 full, when a cake is cut into different slices, when a clock strikes quarter past and so forth. We have been able to draw and represent these in different ways. Making our own hopscotches and coloring in a fraction of these is one practical task we have carried out. In the morning students have played fraction dominos which aim at consolidating learning and recognizing that some fractions are equivalent. We can't wait to tell you more over the new few weeks!