This week in Year 4 we have been very busy with Mrs Taylor creating magnificent pieces of art work all related to the bug hotel. One group have been using a frottage technique where they created a layered base then rubbed over it to create texture. Another group used permanent markers and water colour paints to recreate a section of the bug hotel.


In literacy we have been writing persuasively to encourage people to help protect animals' habitats. The children are very passionate about this issue and have learnt a lot about what people can do to help in the local environment. We are most concerned about hedgehogs and are determined to do our part to help their survival.


This week in Year 4 we have been using co-ordinates in maths to plot points and writing translations of where they are going to move to. In literacy we have been recounting our brilliant trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, writing about what the animals were up to and what we learnt about. 


We have also been considering what we can do to help fight the war on plastic and prevent it from getting into animals' habitats which poses many risks towards them.  


This week in Year 4 we journeyed to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to observe animals from different habitats and analyse how suitable their habitats at the park were compared to their natural habitat. The weather may have been terrible but we braved the rain and had an amazing time. Our favourites were definitely the polar bears who were jumping in and playing with toys in the water and the giraffes that we were very close to when they were eating. 


We have been working on our inference skills this week and used a zone of relevance board to analyse a character's personality. 


We also got the chance to meet some creatures at school. Children stroked and held many animals including geckos, lizards, a chinchilla, tortoises and even a tarantula. 


This week children have started taking their Multiplication Checks and Miss Halder is very proud of those children who have taken the test so far. They have been working hard to learn all their times tables this year and managed to keep their cool through the test. 


Children have also been learning about the location of different habitats around the world; including the weather there and what animals and plants live there and how they are adapted to survive in those conditions. 


Year 4 have also been researching extinct animals from the distant and recent past and came to the conclusion that humans are usually to blame. 


This week in Year 4 we have been creating amazing pieces of hedgehog art using pen and ink as well as pastel and charcoal. We have been writing a detailed description of a hedgehog using interesting adjectives and extended similes.

We have also been practising for our multiplication tests which will begin next week. Let's do our best to get 25 out of 25!


In Year 4, children have been using their artistic skills to create a painting of Mount Vesuvius erupting. They did this over two lessons as they created a dull background using different shades of grey then created a bright explosion over the top of it. 


In literacy, children have been recounting what happened to Mount Vesuvius in 79AD by using the past tense accurately, interesting and appropriate verbs and appropriate conjunctions to link and extend sentences. 


In maths, children have been ordering and comparing decimals as well as rounding them to the nearest whole number.


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their Roman day. Children dressed up ready for daily life, gladiator fights and wars. They analysed many artefacts including some which were real and excavated in England. The children have really enjoyed their Roman topic and are looking forward to finishing it off by learning about Pompeii after the Easter holidays. 


This week the children visited Grimm and Co. where we had a magical morning of story writing. Year 4 worked with several volunteers to bring their story ideas to life and even got to work with a talented illustrator to create their mythical characters. The children were lucky enough to get a copy of their own published book before going down the exciting Jack and the Beanstalk slide. 


In Year 4 this week, children have been designing a Roman chariot model. We decided on equipment as well as what it should look like so that it is fit for purpose. Children have created nets and decorated them so far, as well as starting to write their instructions to make them.


This week we have been investigating what a tenth and a hundredth are so that next week we can start our decimals topic. 


We have been learning about Celtic life also we have created aggressive looking Celtic warrior pictures of ourselves on the iPads.


In year 4 this week we have been using verbs and adverbs as well as similes to describe the actions of a Roman gladiator. In PE we have been developing our tactical skills in matball as well as different throwing techniques.


We also had a brilliant time on World Book Day where we started to create our own comics. We also showed our love of reading by reading anywhere and everywhere. We're excited to show off our completed comics in next week's blog. 

Class 4 Blog  25.2.19

Class 4 enjoyed reenacting the ancient story of Romulus and Remus. They worked together to decide which characters they were going to portray then rehearsed their mini plays. In the ampitheatre, they performed their dramatic plays whilst the sun was shining.

Class 4 Blog 11.2.19

In maths this week we have started our fractions topic where we have been using our multiplication and division skills we have already learnt to help us. 

In PE we have been making up our own dance moves which are appropriate to the music as well as learning to keep in time. The children demonstrated some amazing talent and flair. 

In SPaG we have been learning how to use a possessive apostrophe for singular and plural nouns as well as using more than one noun and nouns that end in an 's'.

Class 4 Blog 4.2.18

Year 4 have been extremely enthusiastic whilst learning all about terrific toilet this week. We have been finding out about their in depth history and discovering how they vary so much all over the world. 


We have also began reading The BFG in reciprocal reading whilst wearing our ginormous ears. Year 4 have also been learning how to divide using the chunking method. 

Class 4 Blog

This week we have had our first pilates session in PE.  WE all really enjoyed it and can't wait for next weeks session.  Our numeracy lessons are really fantastic, we are using so may different manipulatives to support us, you will also see us helping each other in the pictures.