Class 4 Blog 11.2.19

In maths this week we have started our fractions topic where we have been using our multiplication and division skills we have already learnt to help us. 

In PE we have been making up our own dance moves which are appropriate to the music as well as learning to keep in time. The children demonstrated some amazing talent and flair. 

In SPaG we have been learning how to use a possessive apostrophe for singular and plural nouns as well as using more than one noun and nouns that end in an 's'.

Class 4 Blog 4.2.18

Year 4 have been extremely enthusiastic whilst learning all about terrific toilet this week. We have been finding out about their in depth history and discovering how they vary so much all over the world. 


We have also began reading The BFG in reciprocal reading whilst wearing our ginormous ears. Year 4 have also been learning how to divide using the chunking method. 

Class 4 Blog

This week we have had our first pilates session in PE.  WE all really enjoyed it and can't wait for next weeks session.  Our numeracy lessons are really fantastic, we are using so may different manipulatives to support us, you will also see us helping each other in the pictures.