This week we have made the most of the sunshine and taken our reading outside. We have also been learning about Hindu worship and Mehndi body art patterns.

Class 3 Blog 25.2.19


This week Class 3 have been creating their own Pharaoh head wear. They have designed them using bright colours and geometric patterns. We have also been researching the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning. This relates to our current class book which is 'Stone Girl, Bone Girl'

Class 3 Blog  11.2.19

This week in Class 3 we have been creating headwear inspired by Ancient Egyptian Gods. Some of the designs included Gods of Weather, Wealth and Death.

We have also written instructions about how to mummify bodies following our visit from an expert on Ancient Egypt last week. Our maths learning has been about adding and subtracting amounts of money. We are also now able to give change and apply our maths skills in real life situations.

In PE Mr. Wilding was very impressed with how the class are beginning to communicate and use space more efficiently whilst playing Matball.

Class 3 Blog

This week we have been working on our descriptive language to describe scenes from 'The Black Hat' by Maia Walczak.

We have also been sketching scarab beetles.