In class 2 this Tuesday we had a visit from Steve and Ryan from Rawmarsh CLC.  We had an amazing day with them programming and coding with the sphereos and drones, then we created our own poster using Comic Life on the ipads.


Year 2 have been thinking about Easter this week, we have read the story and talked about what Christian's believe happened, and then we have discuss the symbol of the cross and made our own using collage.


This week year 2 have had a busy maths week, making arrays and learning times tables with Miss Beecher, and then measuring with Mrs Cunnigham.


This week we have been learning more about jungle animals.  We have reseached their life cycles and much more about their habitats too.  We have tried to find the life cycles of different animals such as meerkats, snakes and one group even did a pirhana. 

Did you know that a baby snake is called a snakelet, and a baby prihana is called a fry?


We researched tigers too and what their measurements are.  We all drew one outside the classroom on the wall, we hoped we wouldn’t get told off for it but Mrs Birch was fine about it.


We also had a visit from a real life footballer.  The children had fun asking him lots of interesting questions.


PE in year 2 looks interesting this week.  We have been learning gymnastics and different ways to stretch our bodies.

What a great effort for Red Nose Day too.


This week in class 2 we have been very busy.  We had a fabulous day at EIS on Monday.  We sprinted, did the long jump, ran 200m, played cricket, football and basketball, learned a dance, did some problem solving and ran some obstacle races.  Phew!!!!

Our book day costumes were amazing, parents joined us for some reading in the morning and we did some wonderful work about Mr Twit and our favourite books.  

We have begun learning about times tables and and statistics and we have made a great start with this too.  

Class 2 Blog 25.2.19

This week we have had some amazing learning in class 2.  We have had a brilliant science lesson outside, discovering things that are alive, have been alive and have never been alive. Even Mrs Birch came out and joined in.   It's amazing what we have found!  

Our numeracy lesson this week was tough, but we have persevered and challenged ourselves and been very successful.

Class 2 Blog  4.2.19

Another eventful week in class 2.  We have been writing about the animals that we saw at the Wildlife Park, we have researched some very interesting facts about Meerkats, Lions, Polar Bear and Giraffes, for exmaple. did you know that a giraffe's tongue is up to 21 inches long?  Also did you know that a polar bear's fur is actually transparent and their skin is black?  So much information. 

We have also been learning about Chinese New year, and even had a taste of some crackers and had a fortune cookie too.  

A very special treat was to visit the Star dome we had in school this week too.  We learnt so many facts about Space, even Miss Beecher was able to learn new things too.  She was very suprised to learn that Saturn's Rings are actually water and ice.

Class 2 Blog

This week has been a very busy and eventful week in class 2.  We have had our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which was absolutley brilliant.  We saw so many amazing animals and were lucky to see the close up too.  Have a look at our photographs.  This has helped us to leanr more with art and writing this week.  We have been learning about shape and porperties of shape in numeracy too.