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Medium Term Plan - Autumn Term

Canklow Woods Primary Year 2: Autumn Term

As Historians and Geographers We will be learning about significant people from the past, including Walt Disney and The Queen and her family.  We will be thingking about changes in the weather and the impact on our surroudings.

As Artists We will learn to use many new tools

and techniques. We will be exploring tone and

colour and will create art work using pastels, pens and ink, water colours and paint. We will link it into our visit to Bolsover Castle

 and our topic including dragons. We will also explore textiles, and some sewing too.


As Communicators and Writers we will explore the explore many different kinds of writing,  Non fiction writing will include reports, recounts and instructions. Fiction writing will include stories and poems too.  We will learn how to write improving our sentences with adjectives and different punctuation.

As Scientists we will be looking at different kinds of materials and how they are used.  We will investigate the best material for a purpose, such as the best material for a knight to use for his shield.



                         As Mathematicians we will be working with numbers up to and beyond 100.  We will be calculating using addition and subtraction and also working on improving our counting skills too.  We will learn about 2-D and 3- D shapes and about position direction and movements.







Other subjects Computing/ RE /PSHE/DT

                                                                                            Other Useful Information

PE is on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.

Visit to Bolsover Castle on 7th October