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In the Spring Term of 2015, our topic will be based around Forests and Animals.  We intend to spend our time learning about many different plants, including finding ways to grow our own in the best possible conditions.  We will be developing our art and design skills by representing trees in various different ways such as sewing, pastel and pen and ink.  We will also be learning about habitats and experiencing a real life cycle by hatching our own butterflies;  of our working will be based on the famous story of The Hungry Caterpillar also.  We will support all of our learning with a visit to The Tropical Butterfly House, furthermore we look forward to working with Jim Staveley of Greener Spaces growing plants and using our pond to learn about a watery habitat.

An exciting Term to look forward to in Year 2.

In our PE lessons this term we will be working on dance and ball skills, throwing and catching.  

Our music lessons with Get Sorted Academy are super!  We have been learning about rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo too, this is all through fun songs with actions, using many different instruments.  At the moment we are learning to play a Ukulele.  What fun!