Welcome to Class 1

Miss Driver is the teacher in class 1, alongside her are the teaching assistants Mrs Saxton and Miss Steventon.  Our PE sessions are on a Wednesday and Thursday each week.


This half term class 1 are learning all about dinosaurs in our 'Hear Me Roar!' topic.  We will be finding out about different types of dinosaurs, looking closely at their features and comparing them with some of the animals alive today. We will gather information to write fact files about dinosaurs and create pages from non-fiction books with moving elements. We will be examining fossils and making replica fossils from salt dough. We will be learning how to make healthy food choices and making simple pizzas from the Dinosaur Police story book.

We arrived back from the holidays to discover chaos in our classroom. We were amazed to find the remains of a huge egg in a nest. The children also spotted some tracks leading away from the nest. They quickly concluded that a dinosaur had visited our classroom in the holidays and used their detective skills to work out what type of dinosaur it could be by looking at the shape of the footprints. We measured the footprints and worked out how tall the dinosaur was by counting in tens. The children decided that the egg and tracks belonged to a velociraptor and found out that it was a ferocious predator so we needed to make some safety posters and leaflets to help keep people safe.  

Our PE topics are Tri-golf and Rounders.

Miss Scott will continue to visit us on Monday mornings for music, we have loved playing some of the percussion instruments and have learnt so many new songs already.