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Outdoor Learning

Class 1 had a brilliant time learning outside in the sunshine for our last day of half term. The children had a very important task of building new homes for the fairies living in our doll's house! 

 We have spent lots of time researching how to look after fairies. We have made maps to help us decide the best place to build the houses. We are even writing a book to inform other people.



The children were only allowed to use natural materials they found on the ground. We collected lots of things to build with, including flowers, petals, stones, twigs, moss and bark.


We had decided the woods were a perfect place for their new homes.


The children could choose to work together or independently to build a fairy house. It was wonderful to see them helping each other. They were discussing how to use materials, the best ways to build them and where to put them.  




Once the children had finished, they were sharing ideas for how they could improve their houses. Everyone was very kind and supportive to each other. Every fairy house was different.

We were very proud of how well the children worked and loved their creative ideas. The fairy houses are truly magical! A fantastic end to the half term.