At Canklow we love Science.  It is an integral part of our school week and is very often a huge part of our themes and topics.  We teach all areas of the national curriculum in each year group,  very often this is part of our main topics in class, for example 'From Teeth to Toilet' or 'Rumble in the Jungle' and where this is not possible other links are made through literacy, music, geography, art and history.

We teach science in a very fun, engaging and exciting way. We aspire for children to be passionate about science through the activties and investigations they take part in, for it to create interest and enthusiasm for the world they live in.

We use the national curriculum to teach our Science at Canklow.  Wherever possible our science is practical and provides first hand experiences for the children, giving them the chance to explore, experiment  and investigate.  This may include education visits or visitors into school also.  Children are taught knowledge and skills in science and are encourgaed to work scientifically from our foundation stage right through to year 6.  We actively encourage the children to ask and answer questions through problem solving, exploration and investigation, and using appropriate scientific vocabulary too.  

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