Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an online reading tool that allows us to track your child's progress in reading, celebrated the books the have read and gives children a chance to demonstrate their understanding of these books. This tool also gives us abetter understanding of your child's reading interested and using real-time feedback gives us the opportunity intervene to help them make the best progress.

STAR reading assessments are taken online. These give an accurate picture of not just what children can read but also their understanding of texts. Based on this, they will be set a reading range aimed at best supporting their growth and development. 

There are 2 way for children to read and quiz. They can read physical copies ('real') books and then quiz on them using our home site at renlearn or the can read online at MyON and when they finish a book click take a quiz.

For parents, there is a deicated site that allows you to keep track of how well you child is doing in reading as well as what books they are choose to read through the home connect site. Just Log in with your child's login to see the dashboard. You can also register to receive email updates whenever your child take a quiz!

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