A Typical Day at Our School



Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2

At 8:40am classroom doors open and children are greeted by their teachers.   

Mornings at Canklow school are full of lessons ranging from numeray, reading, writing, spelling and grammar, often PE or music.  Each class has its's own timetable, which you will see on the class pages. 

Maths Worskhop

All children will take part in a Maths Workshop on entering the classroom- this is when children will complete various maths challenges over the week to consolidate and secure learning.  This is also a very important time for children as staff will work with them on a individual basis to secure learning from the previous day or give a preteach session so children have a good start to new learning that day.


In all classes Reading sessions follow.  This will include Read Write Inc for Key stage One and Foundation Stage and Reciprocal Reading for Key stage 2.

Reading is followed by Writing, Spelling and grammar lessons and numeracy.   Each class also has a morning PE session too, and often music lessons take place during a morning in some classes.

Our morning break is  10:45 am  11:00 am.  

Lunch is currently from:

11.55-12.50 for Year 1 

12.00-12.50 for year 2

12.20-13.10 for Key stage 2.


Afternoons will vary depending on each class.  A typical afternoon will include handwriting, and a variety of other subjects such as Science, Religious Education, PE, History,Geography, Art, Design Technology, Music, PSHE and Spanish in Key Stage 2.  

Our School day finishes at 3:05pm.


First Steps 

Children who attend our First Steps will begin at 8.30 and until 11.30 am and afternoon sessions will begin at 12.15 and end at 3.15. Learning in First Steps is centred around books, stories, small world play, games and circle time. 

Foundation Stage 

Foundation 1 has both a morning and afternoon session.  The times are as follows:

Morning     8.30am - 11.30 am

Afternoon  12.00 pm -3.00 pm

Foundation 2 children begin their day at 8.40am and it ends at 3.05pm.

Children in FS2 will have lunch in school.