This week we have continued reading our class book. This is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. In Mathematics the children have enjoyed plotting coordinates before moving onto translating and reflecting 2D shapes. Our Geography work for this half term is about Settlement and Migration. We began by studying the patterns within some world cities, as well as the underlying reasons for them.


This week in Y6 we have completed various pieces of artwork relating to Alan Turing and our visit to Bletchley Park. This is all now on display in Year 6 alongside our work about the significance of the Battle of Britain during World War II. We have also started to read a short story as a whole class. Our new book is called When We Were Warriors by Emma Carroll. It is a sequel to Letters from the Lighthouse and the children are already captivated by this World War II murder mystery.


Year 6 had a fantastic visit to Bletchley Park on 11th November. We took part in the 2 minutes silence outside the famous mansion at Bletchley. We also got to use a real German Enigma machine and saw how the Polish Bombe machine allowed us to crack Enigma codes within 45 minutes! The children also got the opportunity to participate in a code-breaking workshop where there skills and knowledge were put to the test.#


This week is the final week for  our year 6 pupils before we send them off onto their next journey.  Here you can see them practising their farewell assembly.  


Year 6 have had a busy week this week, it has been SATS week.  Each day they have had one or two SATS tests and they have all been brilliant.  Today they are having some time to do activities that are not maths, reading or writing.  They have even tried their hand at origami.

Well done class 6!


As well as continuing with our preparation for SATs this week, we have also been finishing our artwork on the Green Man with Mrs Taylor and started tennis with the Mr Richardson in PE.  In computing we have been learning about spreadsheets, using them for different calculations and ordering.  In writing we are finishing our narrative on Alma, the children have produced some lovely pieces of descriptive work


Year 6 have been learning about some of the codes used during the world wars. On Wednesday we created electrical circuits to communicate morse coded messages to each other.


We have been working incredibly hard this week in Year 6 in our run up to our SATS in May. T  In addition, we have been writing explanation texts as well as creating some amazing 'black out' poetry from pieces of WW2 texts.   In PE we are finishing our unit on leadership with Mr Richardson and our Green Man pastel work in art. 


Busy week for sports in class 6.  Football visitors and a great PE sessions On Tuesday with Mr Richardson.

Class 6 Blog

This week in class 6 we have done some amazing art work using pen and ink.  Mrs Taylor was incredibly impressed with the talent in our class.