This week in Year 4 children have been carrying out measurement investigations such as: Are the boys in Year 4 taller than the girls? What is the difference between the shortest and tallest child in the class? Is the oldest child the tallest? And is your shortest finger nail half the length of your thumb nail?


We really enjoyed Friendship Friday (despite the weather) and decided on some guidance for being a good friend. We also decided it was really important to make everyone feel special that day so gave everyone in class some compliments. 


In Year 4 this week we visited Ewden Water Treatment Works in Sheffield where went on a tour of the site wearing all of our personal protective equipment. The children loved seeing how water is cleaned and learned where this process fitted within the natural water cycle. We also used our construction skills to build a toilet frame to be used in Ethiopia where they do not have the same access to sanitation. Children also learnt how to save water in and around their homes as well as why it is important to keep bacteria away. Year 4 really enjoyed pretending they worked for Yorkshire water when they learnt how a burst pipe in the road would be fixed. 


This week in Year 4 the children have been researching all about Niagara Falls including its location and exciting history. The children have then created their own factual posters. 


The children have been writing an explanation about how the water cycle works and making sure they include technical vocabulary, fronted adverbials answering when and writing in the correct order.  


In maths we have been finishing our Place Value block of work and have now started looking at negative numbers. We have been discussing where in the real world we use negative numbers and counting backwards past zero.


We had a very exciting week in Year 4! The children had their first swimming lesson where all pupils showed bravery, resilience and good listening skills which meant they progressed very well. They managed to develop a good kicking technique and blew bubbles with their heads under the water. 


The children wrote their own sea shanty songs which included many features such as repetition, rhyme, sailor vocabulary and onomatopoeia. 


We also got the chance to work with two talented graffiti artists who helped us to create artwork which will be displayed around school.