We have been exploring different forces. We have learnt about push, pull and twist and that when forces are balanced, objects do not move. When forces are uneven they do. This week, we explored whether or not different surfaces would affect how much a car would move - even if it started with the same force. 


We have been exploring the book Flotsom. Our only problem was, we didn't know what Flotsom was. We looked at trays of Flotsom and worked out which tray belonged to different people. 




This week we have begun our trip back over 5,000 years ago.

We thought about the words 'ancient' and 'civilization' and what this told us about the past.


We took a walk down the River Nile and researched facts about why the Nile enabled the Ancient Egyptians to settle there.


We thought about how the Egyptians used inventions to improve their lives and build our own replicas of Shaduf's, an early irrigation system, to overcome the problem of needing to water crops in the baking hot sun.


We were resilient and risk-taking when tackling this problem!




This week, we visited France. We looked at the Eiffel Tower and how it was constructed.  Then we had a go at building our own towers using spaghetti and marshmallows.

It was tricky but we show great resilience, trying new methods.

Some of us even build nets of a cube!


This week we got our movie and popcorn afternoon treat for having the best attendance in school last half term. 

We watched the movie coco and learnt lots about the Mexican festival 'the day of the dead'. We enjoyed the popcorn and juice too!

Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday!


We read the book have you filled a bucket a bucket today and learnt about how to be a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper.

We also looked at words written in Japanese related to being a friend and kindness.


We have been learning about different types of rocks. We were getting confused about the difference between sedimentary and metamorphic rocks so we made them using food. We build our layers and added heat and pressure. This gave us a metamorphic rock with ooey, gooey layers. There were delicious too!


Diwali happens this weekend and we have been thinking about how this festival is celebrated and what why it is called the festival of light. We created Rangoli patterns in coloured rice.


We have nearly finished out letters to our Flat Stanley Pals in New Zealand. Stanley has enjoyed his visit with us. The children have taken him to all the after school clubs and breakfast club. He also came with us on our trip to the National Coal Mining Museum, where he was pretty scared to go down the mine but everyone else made him feel brave. We learned a lot about sedimentary rocks, how they are formed and how to identify them as well as making our own fossils. We also learned what it would have been like as a child working in the mines. None of us wanted to push a cart in the dark but we did enjoy crawling through the tunnels.

Welcome Back Class 3!

Welcome back year 3!

We have made a fantastic start to the year - Mrs Birch even let us look after OTIS first as we are so enthusiastic about our learning. We have been uncovering some fantastic books. We love making adults reading 'The book with no pictures" by BJ Novak. We have been focus sing on the importance of reading every word in a text to ensure we understand what we a reading.

We are also loving Flat Stanley! we made out own and posted them to our houses (after checking we knew our addresses and how to use capital letters accurately for proper nouns). I hope they have all arrived safely and look forward to hearing about their weekend adventures next week!