It's been a busy week in class 2!

We have spent time learning about rememberance day and learned all about the significance of a poppy.  Children painted poppies in the pointillism style, which is very delicate and needs care.

During in our maths lessons we have been learning about using the inverse to chek our calculations.



This week in class 2 we have made some edible sparklers in honour of bonfire night, we first learnt about the gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes.  We wrote instructions for how to make them too.


This week we have started to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10, we have made a great start to understanding and learning our times tables.  First we counted with different equipment, then we tried to spot patterns.


Our science this week was all about materials and their properties.  What do they feel like?  Are they bendy, stretchy, hard, cold or soft.  Are they transparent or opaque?  We made quite an extensive list.


This week we have been learning how to use water colours to paint.  We painted Mrs Twit, the faous character that we have been studying and writing about.  The children did a fantastic job, listening and learning about how to use the different media to create some amazing art work!

Our maths has been very busy and practical this week too.  We have spent a lot of time learing about place value and how we can represent numbers using many different manipulatives too.  


We have had a very busy week in year 2 this week.  We have walked a daily mile every day this week in the sunshine.  We have been learning about what famous means and who or what do  we know that is famous, we even looked at famous dances since the 1920's, the children were suprised to see that some of them were similar to dances they know too.  

In our writing lessons we have been learning to write noun phrases, using lots of description. Our maths lessons have been full of learning about place value and number.  A great week this week,