This week in Year 1 a scientist , from AMRC taught the children all about hydroponics and ethical farming. We hope to grow our own bean plants, cress and spring onions. Watch this space!


This week, Year 1 received a message from outer space. A spaceship had crash-landed and children went on a scavenger hunt for missing parts. 


Class one have been researching dinosaurs. We though of questions we had about the dinosaurs and gathered information from books and the internet to answer them. We have used this information to write a non-fiction report and will be creating pages for a children's fact book with moving pictures. We have learnt about carnivores and herbivores and how scientists can tell what a dinosaur ate just by looking at its bones and teeth. We learnt a new skill in art when we created these fantastic dinosaur mosaics.


This week we have started learning multiplication, starting with counting in tens. We will be learning our two and five times tables in the coming weeks. We are learning about mechanisms to create moving pictures. This week we made a moving picture using a lever mechanism. 

We made the most of the sunshine this week by going outside to look closely at some plants and we have been sketching the daisies outside our classroom.


This week class 1 have been practising a whole class dance. It has been really tricky to perform the same moves in time with each other but after lots of practice and enthusiasm we have learnt the dance the whole way through.

We have been learning to tell the time at o'clock and half past times. The children have been very quick to learn and some are even noticing the time on our classroom clock.

We have also been playing with some old fashioned toys.

We have been doing lots of Easter crafts. We hope the Easter Bunny will pay us a visit soon!


This week Class 1 visited Cannon Hall to experience life as a victorian servant. We worked extremely hard all day. The children polished boots and brass, did the laundry, made butter in the larder, beat the carpets, made vegetable soup, bread, apple crumble and sugar mice in the kitchen with Mrs King and had a tour of the house 'upstairs' to see how the other half lived! All that hard work paid off. The Housekeeper Mrs Wilson was most impressed with their work and was glad they came. Mrs King the head cook was amazed at the children's culinary skills. At lunchtime, the children had a magnificent feast on all the food they had made and got to play outside with some traditional Victorian toys. We had a fantastic time but the children all agree that they would definitely prefer to be a child nowadays than in Victorian times.


This week we have been learning all about capacity. We have been using our predicting and reasoning skills to solve problems involving capacity.

In PE we are practising gymnastic skills. This week we have been balancing and jumping.

We have been learning about Victorians in history. We have been looking at some objects from Victorian times, learning about their uses and how they are similar or different to objects we have in our homes today.

In music we have been learning to play a latin tune on the glockenspiel. 

Class 1 Blog 25.2.19

We have been doing some very practical and amazing maths this week.  We have been measuring things all around the classroom.  Some fantastic learning!

Class 1 Blog

This week we have been super busy in class 1.  In our numeracy lessons we have been learning all about place value of numbers up to 50.