Our book of the week was "Whatever Next", we had lots of fun exploring our space play tray, building rockets with boxes outside and making our own miniature rockets. We learnt two songs, "Zoom Zoom Zoom, we're going to the moon" and "5 Little men in a flying saucer". We also had fun making a shopping list for our picnic on the moon with Baby Bear.


This week we had some very exciting visitors in school, some had eight legs, some had none, some slithered slowly and others ran really fast! It was 'Meet a Creature'!


We got to meet lots of different creatures from snakes and bearded dragons to tarantulas and chinchillas. We were all incredibly brave and had a turn looking at the creatures, some of us even held them! It was great fun and we learnt some really interesting and funny facts! Did you know that on average a snail has around 12000 teeth? And it's teeth aren't in it's mouth, they are in it's stomach! 


This week our book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have had an exciting week watching our caterpillars grow, soon they will turn into butterflies! We enjoyed making our own caterpillars and painting beautiful butterfly prints with our special paint pens. 


Our book this week was the little red hen, we enjoyed making bread dough, making marks in flour and tasting different breads. 


This week we have enjoyed exploring different ways of painting, we have used water colour blocks to paint trays outside and rollers and stamps to create patterns and marks on paper.  We have also enjoyed being outside more in the lovely sunshine.


Our book of the week was 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?'. We have been exploring colour using a variety of mark making tools, including paint and chalk to create rainbows.

First Steps Blog

This week we have enjoyed exploring our shadows, we stood statue still and took it in turns to draw around each other’s shadow.

We enjoyed exploring ‘up and down’ movements with our flags during “Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle”, it was lots of fun!

First Steps Blog 11.2.19

This week we enjoyed decorating biscuits as part of our Valentines activities.

Our book of the week was ‘You Choose’. We enjoyed using the magic choosing stick on the transport page to choose exciting new ways to come to school. We made a book of our choices to keep in our story corner.

Also we enjoyed making shopping lists of the food we needed to buy for our hungry Giraffe, Gerty.

First Steps blog  8.2.19

This week in our unit we have enjoyed the frosty, cold weather and even a few flurries of snow.  We have enjoyed singing on the carpet with our friends.